Teamwork would be so nice - if the others didn't make it so difficult! Unfortunately, each member of the team has his or her own view of the problem. And if it is not possible to sufficiently communicate the viewpoints of the other team members, misunderstandings inevitably arise due to a lack of information. And this in turn leads to poor coordination and unnecessary delays. In concrete terms, this means: communicate your own point of view clearly and listen carefully to your colleagues in order to fully understand their position. Because only excellent coordination can lead to excellent results!


As in real life, "visionaries" and " makers" must work well together to build FutureCity. Each visionary has a picture card with information relevant to the construction, but he is not allowed to show it to the other visionaries or the makers. Only by skillful communication the visionaries should coordinate among themselves and agree with the makers. Because only the makers are allowed to touch the components for the construction of the FutureCity. Only if everyone in the team coordinates really well with each other can the buildings be built one after the other as planned. But be careful, because the components look different from every perspective. Just because the component is blue for one visionary doesn't mean it will look the same for the other team member. The learning project is suitable for groups of 4 to 24 people and can be adapted according to the desired level of difficulty.



How to apply

  • Time: 15-45 Minutes

  • Required Team: 

    • min: 4​

    • opt: 12

    • max: 24

  • Material: 3D building blocks, photo cards, detailed instruction manual

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The Gameboy

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